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10 reasons I’m looking forward to the CXPA Insights Exchange

Jim Tincher Jim Tincher 04/24/2014

The CXPA’s Insight Exchange is coming up next month, and it will be great.  If you’re still on the fence about attending, here are ten reasons I’m looking forward to it:

10.  I’ll finally get to meet Annette Franz, the author of CX Journey.  She and I have spoken over the phone and email many times, but never actually met in person.

9.  Mara Bain is hosting a table at the Monday night happy hour for Minnesota attendees.

8.  Oracle’s keynote on their Customer Experience Journey should be terrific.  I’ve written about some of their CX work multiple times when I reviewed the Temkin CX Award Winners, including this article.

7.  Lesley Lykins is the amazing staffer at the CXPA, and I’ll also get to meet her in person.

6.  I’ll get to hear best practices in the Developing Customer-Focused Metrics to Drive Your Customer Experience (B2B) Unwound session that I’ll be hosting.

5.  I’ll hopefully get to attend Accelerating the Customer Experience Program at Thomson Reuters by my friend Nicole Gagnon.

4.  I love Touchpoint Dashboard, and I’ll finally get a chance to talk to the team in person.

3.  I do some work with public entities, and I’ll get to hear about CX best practices for a library in the keynote by Alison Circle, Chief Customer Experience Officer at the Columbus Metropolitan Library.

2.  I love stories, so I’m looking forward to Telling Your Customer Experience Stories by David Shapiro

And the number one reason I’m looking forward to the CXPA Insights Exchange?

1.  The high today in Minneapolis was 45, and it rained all day!

Okay, so that’s really not the top reason.  But it will be nice to see my CXPA friends in a warm setting!


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