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Whether you moved into customer experience (CX) because of a passion for customers, an affinity for problem-solving, or to support an overarching business strategy, you probably already know that improving the experience you deliver results in happier customers who stay longer, buy more and more often, and cost less to serve.

But most CX programs today can’t connect their work with outcomes that fuel those results.

Effectively leveraging change management principles helps you overcome the two thorniest challenges that are likely hindering your success: your ability to demonstrate financial benefits from your initiatives, and your limited influence across the organization.

John Kotter’s seminal book, Leading Changeoffers valuable general guidance…but it’s not written for CX. As a result, most CX programs don’t make it past his first few steps.

However, by adapting Kotter’s lessons to the specific challenges and aims of CX, we can create the solid framework needed to achieve and sustain attention-getting business goals.

Jim Tincher provides that adaptation in this Change Management for CX Practitioners white paper, drawing on more than two decades of experience in CX, in-depth original research initiatives involving hundreds of CX professionals, and dozens of successful, real-world, change-focused CX initiatives that have helped clients reimagine the way their companies operate.