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Your Moment of Truth

In every customer journey, some interactions matter more than others. There are certain moments that cause customers to leave you, some that potentially lead to stronger engagement, and some that cause a customer to be much more expensive to serve.   Moments of Truth We call these key interactions a “Moment of Truth,” and it […]


The Power of Moments: A Q&A with Chip and Dan Heath

Anybody who has read any of Chip and Dan Heath’s books know that they’re compelling and well-researched. I was lucky enough to receive a pre-release of their latest book, The Power of Moments (now available), and I highly recommend it to anybody looking to create great employee or customer experiences. Even better, I was able to score […]


Don’t Just Drive CX Success, Sustain It

We’re in the homestretch of my series on how to apply John Kotter’s change management work to customer experience! The penultimate seventh step, Sustain Acceleration, is an important reminder that you can’t rest on your laurels. As Kotter writes in 8 Steps to Accelerate Change in Your Organization: “So you’ve had a few wins. It can […]


Ideas are Your Fuel for an Improved CX

Think about the last time you led brainstorming to improve your customer experience (CX). Did you give people Post-It Notes and have them shout out ideas while they put them on the wall? Doing that is a ton of fun. But it’s also a terrible way to develop ideas. So, stop doing it.  You reply, “But […]


Just because your customers say it isn’t important doesn’t make it so

The intangibles matter. Don’t let bad research ruin your customer experience. Bad research can wreak havoc with your customer experience. It can lead you to ignore a critical moment of truth while working on something with less impact. In one journey map project, we were hired to extend a Big Research Company’s research. They had […]


Case Study: Using Journey Mapping Workshops to Drive Change in City Government Customer Experience

Kelly Ohaver is the Client Experience Manager at the City of Centennial, as well as an active CXPA member. Her mission is to introduce customer experience principles to improve the city’s experience for its citizens and clients. She describes her job as “the most fascinating, challenging, and rewarding job ever” as she strives to bring […]


Shopper Education: The Hidden Casualty of Price Wars

Introduction How do shoppers learn what they need to know about new products? Traditionally, the retail associate provided this product wisdom, but slashes to labor budgets have left shoppers on their own, accelerating their move to online competitors. The Harvard Business Review’s The Future of Shopping by Bain consultant Darrell Rigby is an outstanding article […]


Not Making CX Progress? Start Saying No

Too many customer experience (CX) programs get stuck.  Stuck with no influence. No change. No leadership buy-in.  We see it all the time. As a CX leader, you’re spread so thin, trying to juggle dozens of balls at once. You’re building a new measurement program while sharing your existing scores with anybody who will listen. You’re creating new training […]