Ben London, CCXP

CX Capabilities Lead

Meet Ben

Ben’s passion is helping organizations become experience-centered, so that customers consistently get the experiences they need, employee engagement increases, and the organization achieves measurable financial benefits. He specializes in global-scale cultural transformations that grow from the ground up and are led from the top down.

Ben’s comprehensive view of customer-centricity in all parts of an organization derives from his broad experience, which includes roles in corporate strategy, IT strategy, organizational readiness, user testing, operations, project management, sales, finance, market research, and customer experience.

He established an enterprise-wide customer experience practice at MoneyGram International and has developed CX competencies within many industries, with special emphasis in the manufacturing and consumer financial industries.

Ben is active in the CX community as a Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) organizer. He has a bachelor’s in marketing from Colorado State University.