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Marcie Shatz

Marcie Shatz

Editorial Director & CX Analyst

Meet Marcie

Marcie is passionate about turning complicated concepts into precise, compelling prose. She keeps an eagle eye on Heart of the Customer deliverables and messaging to ensure accuracy across all channels and convey the richness of the customer experience.

Her work is informed by her broad background in journalism, travel, art, education, and law. Past clients include nonprofits and boutique firms, for whom she produced short- and long-form content for traditional and digital distribution, along with operational, fundraising, and marketing materials that fueled growth and engagement.

Marcie has been a staff editor with Gannett and Worldview Systems (Travelocity), and at Viacom, where she launched and managed the Twin Cities edition of the Webby Award-winning website,

Committed to forging connections through works as well as words, Marcie volunteers with community, arts, youth, and literacy organizations. She holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Temple University.