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Your Quest for Survey Data May Be Hurting Your Company

One thing we CX-ers have in common: we love our metrics. Go to any CX conference, and the room that’s filled to overflowing is probably talking about metrics. Metrics are comfortable for us. Whether we’re talking Net Promoter Score, Customer Effort Score, or good old customer satisfaction, survey metrics give us something to share with […]

Designing Customer Journey Maps: An Interview with Kris LaFavor

We sat down recently to chat with Kris LaFavor, Heart of the Customer’s Data Visualization Designer, about her work designing journey maps. What do you do when you start the process of designing a customer experience journey map? It’s important for me to have context before I start. I make sure I understand the background […]

Social Proof: A Powerful, but Underutilized, CX Tool

 A common concern I see among CX pros is a concern over customers who are making “bad” choices. Customers who aren’t making the best use of the company’s products or services.  This problem exists across industries, both B2B and B2C. Some examples include:  Business customers who underutilize their purchased software;  Patients who don’t follow a […]

The ADKAR Change Model and Customer Journey Maps 

The primary reason to run a customer journey mapping project is to drive customer-focused change. That’s what we heard when we asked customer experience practitioners to rate their success with their journey mapping project. A successful journey mapping project is one where change is made from the results.  Driving change requires a strong model, and at Heart of […]

You Think Airline Service is Bad? Try Taking the Bus

My daughter was home from college this holiday break, and wanted to visit her brother in Ames, Iowa, about four hours away. As we’re a one-car family, she elected to take the bus. That started a series of inexcusable events that makes a CX enthusiast shudder in disbelief.  It started when I went to buy her ticket. If the credit card doesn’t match […]

Comcast is trying – but they still don’t understand what CX really is

I fired Comcast for their customer experience – but not for the reasons you might think.  Comcast is the poster boy for poor customer experience. Most of these complaints have to do with negative touch points, such as reps who change customers’ names to insults or loyalty reps who won’t let a customer cancel. Customer service or experience ratings firms, such as the […]

Expert in the Spotlight: Jim Tincher

Read the full article at Lumoa.me. The topic of customer experience has been trending throughout this year. More and more companies put a customer at the centre of their business operations. At Lumoa, we believe that it’s only the beginning. Customer experience and engagement are already changing the way businesses work covering larger and larger […]

The Three Keys to a Game-Changing CX 

Customer experience pays. There’s no shortage of research on the impact of an improved customer experience, including improved revenue, profit, and, as a result, stock price. But how do you improve your CX? By focusing on Effectiveness, Ease, and Emotion. Improving on these three factors will ensure you are improving your customers’ outcomes, as well as your own.