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Are you a Linchpin?

In 2009, Seth Godin wrote Linchpins, on the need to make a difference.  A group of us, motivated by his call to action, led efforts to bring him to town, and have continued to meet afterwards.  These monthly sessions focus on solving business problems – an organization brings in their challenges, and we break into […]

Drivers: the Secrets to Creating a Great Customer Experience

The Heart of the Matter Typical Customer Experience Measurement Programs treat all customers as one homogenous group, rather than as unique segments. These programs need to analyze customers based on their value to the organization and analyze what drives the behavior of each segment. This white paper lays out a process for developing and analyzing […]

Shopper Education: The Hidden Casualty of Price Wars

Introduction How do shoppers learn what they need to know about new products? Traditionally, the retail associate provided this product wisdom, but slashes to labor budgets have left shoppers on their own, accelerating their move to online competitors. The Harvard Business Review’s The Future of Shopping by Bain consultant Darrell Rigby is an outstanding article […]

Measuring the Segmented Customer Experience

Segmentation is a critical tool in developing products and marketing offers. Companies routinely separate customers into segments to understand and satisfy their unique needs. So why is segmentation so rarely used when measuring the customer experience? Some segmentation methods include: Demographic. Best Buy built customer segments such as Jill (the Soccer Mom) or Buzz (the […]

Surveys – a Force for Good or Evil?

The Internet is a wonderful thing.  With little effort, we can connect to hundreds (or millions!) of people.  That access makes it really easy to conduct surveys.  So easy, in fact, that we no longer have to spend much time thinking about it.  And it’s obvious that many companies don’t. While a proper survey can […]