Buying Models Frame Your Customer Experience Approach

Marketing is a critical ally in your effort to build an improved customer experience. They regularly communicate with your customers. If you don’t effectively engage marketing, you’re fighting an uphill battle. They also tend to have influence in the C-Suite, making it even more critical. This may explain why many CX organizations report through marketing.

But even when you are part of marketing, there’s a tendency for a division, especially if marketing is focused on new sales while you’re trying to drive loyalty.

To truly understand how marketing thinks about the customer journey, learn about the buying model they use to organize their efforts. This should tell you a lot.

Marketers use buying models to map customer interactions and to target marketing content. The model shows the stages a customer goes through on the way from a trigger event to awareness to purchase and (hopefully) ongoing loyalty. There’s no standard. We’ve run across many variations, some very detailed, others very general. Read more