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Customer Experience Strategy and Planning

It is widely cited that attention customer experience is lacking in most organizations. This barrier stifles potential and can greatly harm the health of your business. Implementing customer experience planning and customer experience strategy can greatly increase your ROI.By putting the customer at the core of your business, you will create immense opportunity for growth and development. But how should you go about planning and carrying out these changes? Below, you can learn straight from CX industry professionals about the skills, tools, and resources you need in order to plan an effective strategy that will drive customer satisfaction and the overall success of your business.

Social Proof: A Powerful, but Underutilized, CX Tool

 A common concern I see among CX pros is a concern over customers who are making “bad” choices. Customers who aren’t making the best use of the company’s products or services. 

This problem exists across industries, both B2B and B2C. Some examples include: 

  • Business customers who underutilize their purchased software; 
  • Patients who don’t follow a recommended regimen known to improve their health; 
  • Gym members who don’t follow best practices to lose weight; 
  • Certification candidates who don’t follow the recommended methods to prepare for an exam. 

These CX pros create communications to share the recommended approach, but they just can’t get customers to change. 

The problem might not be the message. Instead, it might be the messenger (you).  Read more

The ADKAR Change Model and Customer Journey Maps 

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The primary reason to run a customer journey mapping project is to drive customer-focused change. That’s what we heard when we asked customer experience practitioners to rate their success with their journey mapping project. A successful journey mapping project is one where change is made from the results. 

Driving change requires a strong model, and at Heart of the Customer we’re fans of Prosci’s ADKAR Change Management Model. ADKAR stands for: 

  • Awareness of the need to change 
  • Desire to change 
  • Knowledge of what and how to change 
  • Ability to change 
  • Reinforcement of the change 

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You Think Airline Service is Bad? Try Taking the Bus

My daughter was home from college this holiday break, and wanted to visit her brother in Ames, Iowa, about four hours away. As we’re a one-car family, she elected to take the bus. That started a series of inexcusable events that makes a CX enthusiast shudder in disbelief. 

It started when I went to buy her ticket. If the credit card doesn’t match the rider’s name, they add on a $18 “gift” fee. Apparently because they can. So, I had to wait until she was home and could give me her credit card. Inexcusable Issue #1. 

As departure time came, we headed to the station early and went inside to check her bag. That’s when we found out that all the Jefferson Lines buses were canceled for the day due to weather. We purchased the ticket through Greyhound, with no idea the actual travel was with a different company. And the person behind the desk could give us no information about when buses would run again, simply giving us an 800 number to call, saying she had no information to give us. Inexcusable Issue #2.  Read more

Comcast is trying – but they still don’t understand what CX really is

I fired Comcast for their customer experience – but not for the reasons you might think. 

Comcast is the poster boy for poor customer experience. Most of these complaints have to do with negative touch points, such as reps who change customers’ names to insults or loyalty reps who won’t let a customer cancel. Customer service or experience ratings firms, such as the Temkin Group, Forrester, or ACSI consistently rank them low. As a result, last year they were rated “America’s most-hated company.”  Read more

Expert in the Spotlight: Jim Tincher

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The topic of customer experience has been trending throughout this year. More and more companies put a customer at the centre of their business operations. At Lumoa, we believe that it’s only the beginning. Customer experience and engagement are already changing the way businesses work covering larger and larger industries.

To stay ahead of the time and to be successful, it is crucial to follow the newest trends in CX. There’re great professionals who feel the customer pains and embrace their successes. We introduce a new column in our blog – “Experts in the Spotlight” with our first guest, Jim Tincher.

Jim, CCXP (Certified Customer Experience Professional), is a founder of a CX consulting agency, Heart of the Customer, and sees the world in a special way: through the eyes of customers. Jim is a big fan of customer journey mapping and helps companies of all sizes – from startups to largest corporations to improve customer-focused results.

We had a talk with Jim on the future of customer experience and current trends in the field and wanted to share our findings with you.

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The Power of Moments: A Q&A with Chip and Dan Heath

Anybody who has read any of Chip and Dan Heath’s books know that they’re compelling and well-researched. I was lucky enough to receive a pre-release of their latest book, The Power of Moments (now available), and I highly recommend it to anybody looking to create great employee or customer experiences.

Even better, I was able to score a Q&A with the authors on the book and lessons it offers to CX professionals. But be warned – not all of them will match how you’re likely organizing your work! With that…

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The Three Keys to a Game-Changing CX 

Customer experience pays. There’s no shortage of research on the impact of an improved customer experience, including improved revenueprofit, and, as a result, stock price. But how do you improve your CX? By focusing on Effectiveness, Ease, and Emotion. Improving on these three factors will ensure you are improving your customers’ outcomes, as well as your own. 

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Four Common Journey Mapping Mistakes

Journey mapping isn’t easy. That’s why almost 2/3 of journey maps fail to drive change 

A failed journey mapping project is a huge waste – not just because of the dollars and energy that went into it, but also because one failed journey mapping project makes it less likely that your company will try again. So here are four common reasons for failure, and what you can do about them.  Read more

Webinar: Win More Business through a Game-Changing Customer Experience

Join me for a live webinar that I get to be a part of on December 13th at 11am PST/2pm EST. I will be speaking with Nicole Geosits, Manager of Customer Happiness at Acuity Scheduling, and Kaan Ersun, SVP of Marketing at Solvvy, for a Solvvy webinar sharing how you and your company can win more business through a game-changing customer experience.

We will be exploring the customer experience shift that places a premium on the CX role prior to making a sale, as future success of organizations will be judged not only by their ability to retain customers, but also win them. How can you differentiate yourself, map the journey, simplify, and win through emotions? Tune in and find out. Sign up here:

5 reasons why CX should focus on the B2B Pre-Sales Journey

In the Harvard Business Review article, “The New Sales Imperative,” the CEB reports that in just the last two years the average number of people involved in a B2B purchasing decision has increased from 5.4 two years ago to 6.8 today. This change has made the journey far more complex, creating longer sales cycles and an overall more challenging sales process. 

This is the chance for customer experience (CX) to make a measurable difference to your company, by bringing in CX tools such as journey mapping to a very real and very visible business problem. 

A perfect opportunity. But one I don’t see many CX operations focused on.  Read more