Journey Analytics & Orchestration

Journey Analytics & Orchestration

Create, manage, and monitor CX initiatives through industry leading journey analytics and orchestration. Customer journeys are constantly evolving. Use critical customer insights and business KPIs to gain a clear picture of every touchpoint along the journey. By measuring the impact of your CX initiatives and tying operational and financial data to journey performance, you can validate the improvements you are making to business executives.

Use the intelligence from your journey analytics to orchestrate the customer’s experience. Use experience orchestration (XO) software to decide what actions to take, A/B test, and simulate the impact of new initiatives – all with minimal risk and expense. Reduce churn, boost revenue, and maximize customer loyalty by innovating on the Moments of Truth that matter most to your customers.

What’s Ailing Your Journey?

During these challenging times, I’ve been posting weekly videos on LinkedIn, sharing best practices on how customer experience (CX) pros can ensure their companies come out of this pandemic in a position of strength. We’ve also created a LinkedIn group, Managing the Coronavirus Experience (the Other CX), for you all to share your own tips.

As I mentioned in my first video in the series, it’s important to talk with team members at least weekly. That’s true normally, but even more critical in times of stress – such as now. Yesterday, during our weekly check in, Marcie, our content strategy director, mentioned Kinsa digital thermometers. Read more

Make the Most of Your CX Toys – er, Tools

I remember the joy of getting a new Lego set as a kid, and I see the same joy in my kids now, when they do. It’s hard to contain the temptation to rip the box open, dump the pieces out, and start building. Inevitably, I’d end up with something that kinda sorta looked like what was on the cover of the box, and always, a few ‘extra’ pieces left over.

The same temptation exists with new CX toys.

You get a voice of the customer (VoC) platform like Qualtrics and pump out a survey, because you can and it’s so easy! You buy a state-of-the-art journey orchestration engine (think Usermind), build a journey, and get creative with some actions! In both cases, more likely than not, you end up with something a little ugly and not very useful. Read more

Let Domino’s (Yes, Domino’s) Inspire Your Customer Experience

I’m a huge pizza fan. It’s a major character flaw, and hasn’t helped me in my goal to lose a little of this middle-aged weight.

I normally get the expensive pizza from a local chain. But when the kids are home, I’m more likely to look for a less-expensive alternative. And Domino’s fits the bill.

But Domino’s offers more than just a way to feed the kids for twenty bucks. They offer an inspiration for customer experience (CX) that can apply to multiple kinds of experience.

What are They Doing Well?

If you haven’t ordered from Domino’s online, your assignment is to go do that now. Then, sometime in the next week, order another using their mobile app. Notice how they have enabled the ability to watch everything that happens straight from your browser or smart phone.

This innovation is bigger – and more applicable – than it may seem. It provides incredible transparency to their internal operations. And while it’s certainly cool, it does something even more important – it gives peace of mind.

Think about the last time you ordered a pizza from someone else. They probably gave you an estimate. But you never knew exactly when it was coming. How many times are you disappointed at it taking longer than you expected? Conversely, have you had the pizza delivery person show up, and you don’t have your payment ready?

Domino’s solves this through combining transparency and coolness in one application.  Read more

Turning “Little Data” into Big Productivity Gains

hotc imageThere’s been a ton of talk about “big data.” And rightly so. Big data has the potential to completely change how you treat customers based on a better understanding of their behaviors. It’s a great capability, and you should definitely look into it.

But this blog isn’t about contact center big data. Instead, it’s about contact center little data.

Read more