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Design Learning Opportunity

Jim Tincher Jim Tincher 09/04/2013

A CX associate passed this along.  It sounds like a great opportunity, so I’m posting it here for those interested.

For the first time the IIT Institute of Design, the nation’s top-ranked and largest graduate-only design program, is offering courses in Minneapolis/St. Paul. IIT Institute of Design will convene a series of full-day workshops exploring the fundamentals of graduate-level innovation practice.

The design process taught at Institute of Design has been likened to “cutting cubes from fog.”

“Minneapolis-St. Paul is home to numerous world-leading companies and has rebounded quickly from the economic recession. There is a huge opportunity for companies to help make the future,” said Ashley Lukasik, director of corporate relations, communications, and marketing for IIT Institute of Design.

“Minnesota’s savvy business community has a strong tradition in seeing innovation as the path to profits. Companies are seeking to produce new things—reframing the conventional view of their current offering is an effective way to do that,” said Patrick Whitney, dean of IIT Institute of Design.

Chicago-based IIT Institute of Design, was founded as the New Bauhaus in 1937, this is the organization’s first executive education series offered in Minneapolis/St. Paul.

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Stay updated with our insights.