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Guest Post: Your chance to help a Millennial CX Advocate

Heart of the Customer Guest Heart of the Customer Guest 06/25/2013

Today’s guest post is from blog reader Samantha Klein.  Samantha had a terrific customer experience that has inspired her. Read on for more details!


After being told by Apple and TekServe that I would have to pay $800 for them to repair my laptop (it accidentally drank a can of Diet Coke…), I decided to give it one more shot as I walked by a local mom & pop shop, Mike’s Tech Shop, a few blocks from my apartment. Not only did the folks at Mike’s Tech Shop fix my laptop for free after spending 15 minutes speaking with me and running diagnostics on my sick laptop, but they then proceeded to inform me that I was their 10,000th customer and proceeded to make me feel like a total celebrity!!

Inspired by this exceptional personalized customer service at a small local shop, along with my passion for constantly assessing and researching the customer experience, I decided it was time for me to take action on changing the future of retail by applying to The Millennial Train Project, a crowdfunded cross-country full of change-making Millennials.

MTP is a non-profit organization that will lead a crowd-funded transcontinental train journey this coming August to empower diverse groups of passionate, enterprising and civic-minded Millennials to advance a project that benefits, serves, and inspires others.

My mission is to help customers identify those unique retailers in different cities who provide exceptional customer service and to provide brick & mortar retailers with proof that customer service is critical to their survival and success.

I plan to visit local stores at each of the 10 stops along the journey to personally experience and then review their customer service in depth. I will post my reviews online on a website I will create,, where others will be able to read and post their own comments, reviews and opinions, much as Zagat does for restaurants, for everyone, including retailers, to share.

I need to raise a minimum of $5,000 to get my project funded, and every dollar toward that goal is greatly appreciated.

Please check out my project at the following link and help me get on board the Millennial Train!

Organization: LF USA


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