Journey Mapping Toolkit

Journey maps are an innovative way to explore your customers’ interactions with your company, and reveal the best ways to boost customer loyalty, revenue, and brand engagement. Journey Maps offer a detailed visualization of the customer experience that you’re providing — exposing the good, the bad, and the ugly — to form the heart of an effective customer experience program. By highlighting what customers do, and the emotions they feel while they’re doing it, journey maps pinpoint the changes you can make to realize the greatest impact in the most efficient way.

Walking in Their Footsteps: How Journey Maps Can Help You Get Closer to Your Customers

Are you journey-mapping? It’s a popular research method to help you better understand how customers experience your products or services by highlighting your best opportunities for improvement. In a study of customer experience (CX) leaders, CX consultancy the Temkin Group found that 71 percent planned to focus more on journey-mapping. Similarly, Forrester Research declared that journey maps are foundational to a customer experience program and reported that “73 percent of CX professionals surveyed … said that their company maps customer experiences from the customer’s perspective.”
But what exactly is a journey map? In this Quirk’s Marketing Research Review cover article, Jim Tincher explains journey maps, what they are, how to create them and how to use them.

You’ve Got To Be In It to Win It: Journey Mapping Case Study

Find out how Heart of the Customer uses Journey Mapping methodology to gather information about a company and use the insights of the Journey Mapping process to discover solutions to problems in this case study white paper.

Health Insurance – Create Loyalty through an Improved Customer Journey White Paper

It’s a time of massive change for the health care industry. The Affordable Care Act accelerated the move to consumerism, requiring more of a focus on customer experience than ever before. Even payers who have always focused on individual plans have to adjust. At the same time as new competitors enter the consumer market, they also have to support exchanges while their consumers demand more than ever.

Aiming for the Hearts of Their Customers: Interviews With CX Professionals

Over the course of my work in CX I’ve interviewed a number of Customer Experience executives, working every day to improve their experience to increase loyalty. Customer Experience is still an emerging field, and these interviews gave me a great chance to hear others’ perspectives on the field, what it’s doing right, and where we can improve in understanding the customer and acting upon those insights.

Be the Match – Journey Mapping Unleashes the Power of People

To turn what’s on the page into a dynamic and fruitful change in company philosophy, you need to have the whole company on board. And the key to doing that is to ensure that everyone is invested in the process. Read this case study to find out how Heart of the Customer worked with Be The Match to help adjust the focus and better understand the customer.