We’ve Done Our Research

The customer journey mapping tools used at Heart of the Customer are based on years of experience in the CX industry. Check out our collection of educational resources, including customer journey mapping case studies, interviews with industry experts and more.

Case Studies

You’ve Got To Be In It to Win It: Journey Mapping Case Study
Find out how Heart of the Customer uses Journey Mapping methodology to gather information about a company and use the insights of the Journey Mapping process to discover solutions to problems in this case study white paper.

Health Insurance – Create Loyalty through an Improved Customer Journey White Paper
It’s a time of massive change for the healthcare industry—learn how to create customer loyalty in this complex industry.

Be the Match – Journey Mapping Unleashes the Power of People
Read this case study to find out how Heart of the Customer worked with Be The Match to help adjust their focus and better understand the customer.

How the YMCA Used Journey Mapping to Boost Member Retention
This article shares how the YMCA of the Greater Twin Cities used journey mapping to better retain their Millennial customers.

Thought Leadership/White Papers

Journey Mapping Toolkit
Journey maps are an innovative way to explore your customers’ interactions with your company, and reveal the best ways to boost customer loyalty, revenue, and brand engagement—learn how with our Toolkit.

Walking in Their Footsteps: How Journey Maps Can Help You Get Closer to Your Customers
In this Quirk’s Marketing Research Review cover article, Jim Tincher explains journey maps, what they are, how to create them and how to use them.

Aiming for the Hearts of Their Customers: Interviews With CX Professionals
Over the course of our work in CX, we interviewed a number of Customer Experience executives. These interviews gave us a great chance to hear others’ perspectives on the field, what it’s doing right, and where we can improve in understanding the customer and acting upon those insights.

Driving Change Through Journey Maps White Paper
This white papers analyzes the results of and outlines the lessons learned from a survey of CX professionals.

Designing a World-Class CX Approach
This white paper, co-authored by our founder Jim and fellow customer experience leader Kate Kompelien, serves as a useful guide that will help you better understand CX, why it matters, and how to design a customer-focused strategy.

How to Select a CX Platform for Maximum Impact

This white paper details strategies and insights for ensuring that your next CX initiative is a successful one that will pay for itself with opportunities for profit and growth.