Gartner’s CX Pyramid: An Approachable Framework

Like many CX consultants, I’ve seen my share of maturity models. Most are really good at showing all the things you’re not doing. Typically, the sponsoring company offers to help by selling you useful consulting services to help you move up the model. 

Whether it’s Temkin Group’s CX Maturity Model, Forrester’s six-step CX Management Maturity exam, or MaritzCX’s CXEvolution, the complex models help you evaluate your program, and each is compelling in its own way. The maturity models help you analyze what you’re doing and where you’re strong or weak.  

I’ve used Gartner’s former CX model in the past and liked it. Now, while reading through October’s issue of Customer Relationship Management, I ran across the new Gartner CX Pyramid and was intrigued. I can’t find the article online, but you can review Gartner’s summary here.  Read more

Please join me at the next Minneapolis CXPA Event

CXPA logoWednesday, July 17, 2013, from 5-7.  Ingrid Lindberg, Chief Customer Experience Officer at Prime Therapeutics, will be speaking on how to get started on your customer experience journey.

Event Details: “I think we need to be more of a customer centric organization” said the CEO. “I am concerned about price pressure and wonder if service could be a differentiator for us. I have been hearing about customer experience. I would like you to figure out what this is and what it could mean for our organization. Let me know what we need to do.” While not a real conversation, many customer experience practitioners have been faced with a charge about that vague. What is customer experience? How do you start when your organization is just beginning to think about a more disciplined approach? How do you build a sustainable approach that will be embraced across the organization? Come participate in an interactive discussion as we talk about customer experience maturity models and how to begin the journey. We will introduce a model that moves from early thinking to fully embedded in the organization, with a very focused discussion on the first stages. Come with your experiences, stories and questions as we learn from each other.

More details are available at  I hope to see you there!