A Tale of Two (or Three?) Customer Experience Speakers

What is the heart of your customer experience?  Do you have very specific outcomes you are trying to accomplish?  Two recent opportunities to hear fellow customer experience speakers reminded me of the importance to be tight on your desired outcome and design your entire experience towards accomplishing that goal.

In the least year I have been speaking quite a bit on customer experience, so I was excited to hear two of my fellow speakers within 24 hours to compare notes.  How did they compare, and what lessons do these speakers offer for your customer experience?

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Minneapolis CXPA Event: Starting a Customer Experience Capability

Join me at our CXPA Minneapolis Local Networking Event.  We’ll have a great discussion on how different organizations have started their journey, with lots of time for Q&A!

Event Details: “I think we need to be more of a customer centric organization” said the CEO. “I am concerned about price pressure and wonder if service could be a differentiator for us. I have been hearing about customer experience. I would like you to figure out what this is and what it could mean for our organization. Let me know what we need to do.” While not a real conversation, many customer experience practitioners have been faced with a charge about that vague. What is customer experience? How do you start when your organization is just beginning to think about a more disciplined approach? How do you build a sustainable approach that will be embraced across the organization? Come participate in an interactive discussion as we talk about customer experience maturity models and how to begin the journey. We will introduce a model that moves from early thinking to fully embedded in the organization, with a very focused discussion on the first stages. Come with your experiences, stories and questions as we learn from each other.

Speaker: Ingrid Lindberg, Chief Customer Experience Officer for Prime Therapeutics

When: Wednesday, July 17, 2013, 5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

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Where: 900 2nd Ave S
Ninth Floor, Room 9014
Minneapolis, MN

Cost: CXPA Members – FREE; Non-members – $20

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Join a CXPA Event Near You


Are you a member of the Customer Experience Professionals Association?  I just joined about a month ago, but have already kicking myself for not joining long ago.  It is a wealth of information about best Customer Experience practices, with both providers and client-side professionals sharing their expertise for free.  All this for less than $200 a year!

Minneapolis readers should consider joining us at the upcoming CXPA Minnesota Local Networking Event.  This is a terrific opportunity to meet your local customer experience community – and I also had a preview of the menu, and it sounds incredible.  More information:

What to Expect

Re-Imagine Your Customer Experience Journey! Understanding customers holistically and adapting your business to their expectations are two common obstacles facing executives today. Please join your fellow CXPA members along with Ingrid Lindberg, Chief Customer Experience Officer for Prime Therapeutics and a founding member of CXPA and Kendall Nygard, VP of Service Experience for Ameriprise for this CXPA Minnesota Local Networking Event.

Ingrid and Kendall will lead an interactive discussion on how to re-imagine and re-design your Customer Experience through leveraging touch point processes, enablement tools, and technology. One of the best tools your organization can utilize when embarking on the customer experience transformation is Journey Mapping. Amerprise has recently gone through the Journey Mapping process and will provide us with their insight on lessons learned and guidance on where and how to begin.

Date: Monday, April 22, 2013

Time: 5:00 – 7:00 p.m.

Location: 900 2nd Ave S
Fourth Floor Room #3
Minneapolis, MN