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Customer Experience Speaker with Impact.

Customer experience expert Jim Tincher motivates audiences behind a unifying purpose: improving customer experiences, employee experiences, and the organization’s bottom line.

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As an experienced CX practitioner, trainer, and keynote speaker, Jim wholeheartedly believes that bringing people together from different areas of the organization to rethink how they serve customers is the most effective way to create great outcomes for customers – and the company. 

Jim’s speaking topics draw from decades of CX leadership. From leading initiatives at Best Buy and UnitedHealth Group to founding his journey mapping and customer experience consulting firm, Jim has honed his expertise, continually finding new ways to harness the voice of the customer to identify unmet needs, develop new products, and improve customer service.

Meet Jim

Speaking Topics

Harnessing the power of stories, Jim delivers thought-provoking and interactive keynote speeches to inspire and inform audiences from diverse backgrounds and industries. Jim speaks on a variety of customer experience topics, tailoring his messages to your goals and audience.

Customer Experience Is a Team Sport — and Everyone’s on the Team

For many companies, customer experience is a department. Great companies understand that everyone, from front-line employees through HR and Finance, contributes to creating a world-class customer experience.
Learn how to link their jobs to outcomes where customers look to your company first whenever there’s a need.

Win At Your Customers’ Moments of Truth

Throughout the customer journey, certain moments matter more than others. These Moments of Truth are when you win your customers’ loyalty or cause them to question whether you’re truly the right company for them. Learn the elements required to win those Moments of Truth.

Did You Know that Even Business Clients Have Emotions? And Other Secrets to a World-Class B2B Customer Experience

It’s true – business clients do have emotions about their experience with you! These emotions drive their decisions on whether to continue to do business with you. Learn how great B2B programs craft their customer experience to improve client loyalty through measuring and activating positive emotions – and how you can do that same.

Business to Business to Consumer: Just Who is Your Customer? And Why Do We Care?

B2B2C companies such as insurance, consumer goods, and manufacturers, often struggle to understand who their customer is: their distribution channels or their end customers? The answer is both, and each has distinct needs that your organization needs to consider in your customer experience. Learn how world-class B2B2C companies manage the often-conflicting needs of their various customer types and create an outcome where all customers thrive.

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Featured Testimonial

“As a customer experience professional, every time I hear Jim speak I learn something new and it re-inspires my passion for the work we do.”

“As a customer experience professional, every time I hear Jim speak I learn something new and it re-inspires my passion for the work we do.”

I’ve had the fortunate opportunities to watch Jim speak on stages big and small over the past several years. I truly appreciate not just his forward thinking customer experience concepts he introduces, but the way he uses storytelling and real-life examples to help drive his message in a clear and concise way. I also appreciate his ability to engage the audience, and to pick that exact right level of engagement based on the room and situation. Finally, I appreciate that while he may be known as a Journey Mapping expert, his speaking presentations usually venture far beyond, hitting on the cutting edge of customer experience and experience management, tackling the important broader topics we all face.

Jason Kapel, Director of CX – Insights & Reporting (Prudential)

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How hard is to be your customer

How Hard Is It To Be Your Customer

Use Journey Mapping to drive customer-focused change.

Change Management for CX Practitioners

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