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Using Journey Mapping to Drive Customer-Focused Change

New Edition: Includes a new chapter on Journey Mapping Software

Journey mapping opens up extraordinary avenues for business growth, but only when done wisely and well. Through insights from dozens of CX pros, extensive research, and real-world case studies, you can learn the best way to capture your customers’ experiences to drive action that gets results, boosting loyalty, satisfaction, and your bottom line.

Learn how to create journey maps that actually GET results

Top business leaders know that in order to deliver the best customer experience, they must learn as much as possible about their customers. Many understand the learning process often starts with creating a customer journey map to understand how customers interact with their business. However, the tough reality remains—nearly two out of three journey maps fail to drive customer-focused change.

First published in 2019, this book has become one of the top-selling books on the subject of journey mapping, It has helped thousands of CX professionals and business leaders plan and execute successful customer journey mapping initiatives and avoid the pitfalls that doom so many others.

With insights from dozens of CX leaders, extensive research, and real-world case studies and examples, this book guides you through the process of creating and using journey maps to drive change.

Now with an added chapter that focuses on journey mapping software tools, and the ability to create living journey maps, this enhanced edition of How Hard Is It to Be Your Customer? will help you better understand why some maps drive action — leading to an improved customer experience, greater customer loyalty, and impressive ROI — while others just gather dust on a shelf.

More About The Book

Top 10 things you’ll learn about customer journey mapping:
  1. The most common business cases for journey mapping.
  2. When to map a specific sub-journey vs an end-to-end customer experience.
  3. Where an investment in specialized journey mapping software or other tool is warranted.
  4. Best practice preparation methods for mapping the customer journey.
  5. How to discover the Moments of Truth that matter most to your customers.
  6. The best ways to incorporate personas into your journey maps.
  7. Understanding why a graphic representation of the journey is superior to a grid format.
  8. How to convey customer thoughts, feelings, and needs in the journey.
  9. The biggest mistakes that companies make when customer journey mapping.
  10. How to use a customer journey map as a catalyst for change.

“Journey mapping is an important element of understanding and improving customers’ lives – but often misunderstood or taken as a single tactic. Jim and Nicole connect both culture and action in this smart new book.”

—Jeanne Bliss, co-founder of the Customer Experience Professional’s Association (CXPA), and author of Would You Do That to Your Mother?

Journey Mapping Resources

Journey Mapping Resources

In the book, we reference several different templates that we use throughout our proven journey mapping processes. As you read through the book, take the time to review these tools that will guide you as you bring customer journey mapping to your own organization to drive change.

About The Author: Jim Tincher

Jim Tincher sees the world in a different way – through the eyes of customers. He is a nationally recognized customer experience expert and keynote speaker and the co-author of How Hard Is It to Be Your Customer? Using Journey Mapping to Drive Customer-Focused Change.

He developed the passion for customer experience (CX) when leading programs at Best Buy and UnitedHealth Group, and was an early advocate for CX, becoming only the second Certified Customer Experience Professional in the world.

Along with his wife, Sue, he is an active community member, serving as the President of the Rotary Club of North Minneapolis, and is on the Consumer Insights and Analytics Advisory Board for the University of Minnesota, Duluth.

His customer experience consultancy, Heart of the Customer, delivers next-generation CX best practices that go beyond insights and recommendations to empower and activate organizations to generate customer-driven value and bottom-line growth.

About The Author: Jim Tincher

About The Author: Nicole Newton

As a Practice Lead at Heart of the Customer, Nicole draws on her extensive experience working with B2B organizations and her expertise as a change management consultant.

She is passionate about helping employees at every level connect with customers, and bringing the true customer voice inside organizations to guide strategy, drive change, and inform decision making. Her experience includes gathering and using customer insights to prioritize experiences that drive customer loyalty, identifying growth opportunities, and developing new products and services. Previously, Nicole built and ran customer experience and market insight programs at Thomson Reuters, a Fortune 500 organization.

Nicole excels at working with cross-functional and global employee teams to turn customer insights into innovative ideas for improving the customer and employee experience. She strives to learn something new every day, and enjoys teaching undergraduate and graduate students about marketing research methods and customer experience.

Nicole holds a bachelor’s in economics from the University of Minnesota and an MBA from Fordham University. In addition to being a CCXP, she is also a Prosci-certified change management professional.

About The Author: Nicole Newton