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How hard is it to be your customer?

Loyal customers are the heartbeat of your business. They’re also essential to your bottom line.

A 5% rise in customer loyalty increases profitability by up to 125%. And loyal customers are vocal customers…
each sings your praises, helping you attract more business and more loyal customers.

Unfortunately, driving customer loyalty isn’t easy. But with HoC Journey Mapping and the help of our journey mapping consultants, it can be.

Learn how we work with you to create your customized journey map with our free Journey Mapping Toolkit.

Journey Mapping

An end-to-end exploration of functional behaviors and emotional triggers that build engagement…or drive customers away.
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Keynote Speaking

Mapper-in-Chief Jim Tincher shares how you earn your customers’ loyalty – by engaging their emotions and making it easier for them.
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Why Customer Journey Maps Matter

Heart of the Customer Journey Maps™ mine customer behavior and reveal how they feel at every moment of engagement. They are a powerful tool to help you engage the hearts and minds of your customers. Our customer journey mapping consultants create information packed, easy-to-read journey maps to help you:

  • Chart each step of the customer experience
  • Understand your customers by segment
  • Highlight moments of truth
  • Identify touch points and the emotions they trigger
  • Understand why customers stay – and why they leave
  • Implement improvements that provide the greatest return

Client Testimonials

“Heart of the Customer helped us to develop a customer experience training curriculum for our employees, and Jim Tincher has been a lead instructor in a number of courses. Jim’s depth of customer experience knowledge and passionate delivery style have helped us to meet our training objectives.”

Mara BainChief Experience Officer, Western National Insurance

Heart of the Customer helped us discover the Metrics that Matter for our dealers. They helped us build a survey to understand what was most critical in our customer experience, and gave us actionable recommendations on next steps to improve our loyalty for our most critical customers.

Laurie EnglertVP of Marketing - Milestone AV

Customer journey mapping is highly valued at Thomson Reuters.  Creating a shared understanding of our customers’ experiences allows us to innovate and design improved delivery methods.

Heart of the Customer accelerated our ability to understand our customers and find those moments that matter most. Jim guided our cross-functional teams through mapping some of our customers’ most complex journeys, and created training materials that allowed us to teach other employees.

Nicole GagnonSr Director of Customer Experience - Thomson Reuters

Heart of the Customer’s coaching program helped us to understand the critical steps needed for a successful member experience program. Jim met with us regularly to help us cut through the noise to set prioritize and engage our stakeholders as we build our program.

Margie LindbergDirector of Product Management, UCare