Journey Mapping Team using Post it NotesCustomer Journey Mapping Statistic 65%Customer Journey Mapping Statistic 100%
Journey Mapping at a Business to Business MeetingCustomer Journey Mapping Statistic 70%
Journey Mapped Unhappy Customer58% of customers start on web
Corporate Jouney Mapping MeetingCustomer Journey Mapping Statistic 80%Customer Journey Mapping Statistic 8%

How Hard Is It to Be Your Customer?

Loyal customers are the heartbeat of your business. They’re also essential to your bottom line.

Our journey mapping consultants capture the thoughts and emotions of your customers, so you can optimize each and every customer touch point to build loyalty, elevate your brand, and attract new customers.

Learn how to create your customized journey map with our free Journey Mapping Toolkit

Boost customer loyalty and company earnings.

Embed the voice of your customer in decision-making. Here’s how we can help.

Journey Mapping

Our journey mapping consultants discover the underlying emotions impacting your customers’ behavior and your profits.
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We offer customer journey mapping workshops at locations around the country, or we can provide customized training where it works for you.
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Keynote Speaking

Increase employee engagement, design better customer experiences, or nurture a customer-centric mentality within your organization.
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Journey mapping solutions

Heart of the Customer can help you find answers:

  • Why am I losing customers?
  • Where should I focus in order to improve customer loyalty?
  • Where should I be investing to see the greatest ROI, and where am I wasting money?
  • How do I create an exceptional customer experience to become the preferred brand?

By highlighting critical Moments of Truth that have a long-lasting impact on customer loyalty, our customized customer journey maps reveal how customers experience your brand. They also show where the opportunities are to drive better results—step by step.

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How Hard Is It to Be Your Customer book

We wrote the book on journey mapping. Literally.

Learn how it can transform the way you do business.

How Hard Is It to Be Your Customer? Using Journey Mapping to Drive Customer-Focused Change, by Heart of the Customer’s Jim Tincher and Nicole Newton, shows you how to create journey maps that get results.

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