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A customer journey map is an incredibly useful tool that allows you to better understand the perspective of your customer throughout each stage of their experience with your business. They show a customer’s desires, frustration, concerns, and more. By creating and analyzing a customer journey map, you can better grasp what it’s like to be your customer and how that experience can be improved. This can lead to dramatic results that directly impact ROI including increased loyalty. See what happens when you put the customer at the core of your business. Learn more below.

Slideshare – Creating a Customer-Focused Customer Experience Journey Map

For you Slideshare fans, I have uploaded a presentation on creating a customer-focused Customer Experience Journey Map.

Customer journey maps go by different names, such as customer experience maps, journey maps, and touch point maps. Journey maps serve as a visual means to identify the steps your customer goes through as they experience your product or service and the impact of each. Customer journey maps chart your customer’s experience and help you target improvements with the greatest return. By identifying those steps in the customer experience with the greatest impact, your journey map becomes a centerpiece of your customer experience planning process.


Four Trends Changing the Customer Experience Movement

Our Customer Experience capability is growing!  In the last two months the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) has added about 300 members, with four new sites hosting local events.  Here in Minneapolis we hosted a great session to discuss Forrester’s Customer Experience Maturity Model, and how members are helping their companies move up the model.

As with any movement, this growth is leading to maturity and change.  Here are four trends I am seeing impact our practice today:

  • Customer Experience is moving beyond just NPS
  • Increasing recognition on the role of employee engagement
  • Customer Journey Mapping 2.0
  • Emerging Comprehension of Customers’ Non-Rational Thinking

Customer Measurement is Moving Beyond Just NPS

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is still the cornerstone of many customer experience programs.  What is changing is that companies are moving beyond the notion of using just one number, surrounding it with other factors, including satisfaction (yes, it’s still popular for many), loyalty, and the Customer Effort Score.

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Customer Journey Map White Paper

Customer Journey Map White Paper CoverA customer-focused customer experience journey map is a crucial first step to designing and improving your customer experience.  How do you go about creating such a document?

The attached white paper walks through 10 required and 4 optional principles for creating such a map.  It also includes two examples of how I create maps at Heart of the Customer, although you could use the principles to create maps that look entirely different.

The 10 core principles are:

  1. Maps represent your Customer’s perspective.
  2. Measure your brand promise.
  3. Require qualitative research.
  4. Represent your Customer segments.
  5. Include your Customer goals.
  6. Communicate your Customer emotions.
  7. Document your touch points.
  8. Highlight your Moments of Truth
  9. Include your Customer time progression.
  10. Ditch the PowerPoint.

Download the white paper today and create a great customer journey map tomorrow!

Customer Journey Map: Applying the Top 10 Requirements

A customer journey map is a critical tool to understand your customer experience.  A journey map can help you understand a long-term engagement, such as when a prospect shops for your category, or to find opportunities to improve a specific experience, such as when a customer calls for service.Customer Purchase Map with Criteria

Last week’s post Customer Experience Journey Map – the Top 10 Requirements generated a ton of great dialog through Twitter, LinkedIn, email and even a few phone calls.  To help continue this dialog, this post includes two example customer journey maps that we use with our clients at Heart of the Customer.  Please keep in mind that these are simply our implementations of the journey map criteria.  As a Customer Experience advocate and researcher, I make no pretensions to graphic design skills!  But this may help you apply the criteria to your own customer experience.  You can also download a PDF of the two maps at the end of this post.

Even better, there is now a white paper. Read more

Customer Journey Map – the Top 10 Requirements

Customer Experience Journey Map Example

It’s been two years since I originally wrote this post. See the update here.

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A customer journey map is an incredibly useful tool to understand and improve your customer experience.  A great customer journey map documents your customer experience from your customer’s eyes, helping you to understand not only how customers interact with you today, but also identifies improvement opportunities.

Unfortunately, there is no standard for a customer journey map.  You can build it following high-quality design principles, or use smiley faces.  You can make it a work of art, or something that looks like it belongs on a napkin.

I have included an example on the right, as well as some useful links at the end of this post for those unfamiliar with a customer experience journey map.  The customer journey map may go by a different name, such as customer experience map, journey map, touch point map, etc.  The map provides a visual representation of how your customer uses your product or services, or how potential customers go through the shopping process.

In this post, I will detail the criteria I use to design and build a customer journey map.  Read more