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The Customer Journey Mapping Process That Drives ROI

Customer journey mapping lays a strong foundation for the success of your customer experience initiatives. But only if it’s done right. So having a research-backed customer journey mapping process is critical. Unfortunately, that’s where most journey mapping initiatives go wrong. Almost two-thirds fail to drive action. That’s not all that surprising, since most neglect to […]

Unleash the Power of Social Proof

At Heart of the Customer, we recently had a software client who wasn’t winning as many sales as they expected. We mapped their customers’ pre-sales journey and found that the company was laying out their best practices, but prospective clients were ignoring them. They just didn’t consider our client a trusted authority. It’s common problem […]

Do You Need a CX Vision?

“One of the first things you do when you stand up a CX program is to create a CX vision.” It’s said so often that it’s pretty much a cliché. It just seems to make sense. It also aligns with John Kotter’s 8-step change management program. I wrote about this a few years ago, and […]

Empathy in Action: A Primer on Effecting Change

Change management is a critical skill when leading company growth and responding to digital disruption. As the processes, policies, technology, and culture needed to drive improved experiences shift, customer experience (CX) must shift, too. Utilizing and combining these elements effectively is what makes customers want to spend more with you, stay longer, and actively refer […]

Customers Give Feedback Every Day. Most Brands Just Aren’t Listening.

After decades of steady improvement, coinciding with the emergence of customer experience (CX) as a discipline, the America Customer Satisfaction Index now reports that customer satisfaction has been on the decline since 2019, erasing years of gains. This despite organizations focusing on and investing more in CX than ever before. SuperOffice’s survey of 1,920 business […]

Six Ways Journey Mapping Can Drive ROI

When doing customer journey mapping, it’s critical to start by identifying a business problem – one that you can solve through learning more about customer needs. This is the first question of our Five-Question Framework. Carefully choosing which problem to attack helps you avoid one of the leading reasons most journey mapping initiatives fail to […]

WX: The Wordle Experience!

My wife, Sue, and I love Wordle. Along with what seems like everyone we know, we play every day. And though she’s better with words than I am, I did manage to beat her. Well…once. This image is more reflective of my usual results! Having built a massive, extremely devoted following so quickly, Wordle seems […]