Seizing This Moment, Solving Problems

Despite all the hardship, trauma, and loss endured by the global community the past few months, I can’t help but feel a sense of awe at times. I truly believe this is the greatest period of innovation I have experienced in my lifetime.  Read more

Don’t Ask How to Get Executives to Care About Your CX Program; Ask Instead How You Can Support Your Executives

I go to a lot of Customer Experience (CX) events. Although I learn a lot of new things, I also hear some common concerns throughout all of them. No matter the venue, you can be certain that somebody in the audience will ask a presenter, “How can I get executives to care about customers?”

That’s the wrong question. Believe it or not, your executives actually do care about your customers. These are smart people, and they know that pleasing customers is the secret to success.

They simply don’t care about your so-called “customer experience” program. Read more

Social Proof: A Powerful, but Underutilized, CX Tool

 A common concern I see among CX pros is a concern over customers who are making “bad” choices. Customers who aren’t making the best use of the company’s products or services. 

This problem exists across industries, both B2B and B2C. Some examples include: 

  • Business customers who underutilize their purchased software; 
  • Patients who don’t follow a recommended regimen known to improve their health; 
  • Gym members who don’t follow best practices to lose weight; 
  • Certification candidates who don’t follow the recommended methods to prepare for an exam. 

These CX pros create communications to share the recommended approach, but they just can’t get customers to change. 

The problem might not be the message. Instead, it might be the messenger (you).  Read more