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Press Release: Heart of the Customer and Usermind Partner to Accelerate CX Innovation for Enterprises

Jim Tincher Jim Tincher 01/22/2020

SEATTLEJan. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Heart of the Customer (HoC), one of the nation’s leading journey mapping consultancies, and Usermind, a pioneer in Experience Orchestration (XO), today announced a strategic partnership that will revolutionize how businesses map, orchestrate, and optimize their customer journeys.

The demand for ROI on experience-focused initiatives is higher than ever before, and Forrester predicts one in four customer experience (CX) professionals will lose their jobs in 2020 because they’re unable to show a positive business impact for their programs. Improving the CX is board-level priority in every business sector, but executives want to see results, and are looking for new strategies and technologies to achieve their goals. This innovative partnership will get it done.

HoC’s comprehensive journey maps uncover the emotions that drive customer behavior, and the touchpoints that have the greatest impact on loyalty. Their proprietary customer journey mapping process helps clients develop cost-effective, impactful short- and long-term initiatives, and identify the KPIs that matter.

Meanwhile, Usermind’s powerful, easy-to-use XO Platform enables enterprises to orchestrate customer journeys on an ongoing basis, shaping experiences in real time in response to customers’ actions, needs, and behavior patterns.

Two-thirds of customer journey mapping initiatives fail to drive action,” says Jim Tincher, HoC’s founder and Journey Mapper-In-Chief. “CX innovation depends on both a strong foundation of mapped journeys and the successful implementation and continued optimization of these journeys to drive action and impact business results. HoC is excited to partner with Usermind because now we can accelerate time-to-value for clients by enabling them to turn theoretical journey opportunities into real-time solutions.”

“Experience is the new product. Enterprises must now compete on the experiences they’re providing around their products and services,” says Michel Feaster, co-founder and CEO of Usermind. “With HoC’s team of strategic journey mappers and Usermind’s XO Platform, brands can take their journey maps out of the drawer and deliver best-in-class experience at scale.”

About Usermind

Usermind, the leader in Experience Orchestration (XO), is changing the way enterprises use what they know about customers to actively shape experiences in real time. With Usermind’s XO Platform, enterprises can monitor customers and orchestrate 1:1 experiences across channels, systems, and teams. By putting the power to monitor, activate, and optimize experiences in the hands of the business, Usermind enables enterprises to transform how they interact with customers, leading to customer relationships that are happier, more loyal, and more profitable. To learn more, visit

About Heart of the Customer

Heart of the Customer (HoC), a customer experience consultancy founded by CX thought leader, speaker, author, and entrepreneur Jim Tincher, has been setting best-practice customer journey mapping standards since 2013. HoC’s proprietary mapping process and highly experienced team of analysts, mappers, and project managers help companies of all sizes discover what customers are thinking, feeling, and doing during every interaction with their organization, to get at the heart of what drives customer behavior in order to boost loyalty, satisfaction, and revenue. To learn more, visit

This press release was originally published on PR Newsire.


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