Free CX Resource for CXPA Members

For those looking for a little advice, the CXPA has an offering for you: Ask the CX Experts.ask_the_experts_button

The CXPA has a panel of experts (including yours truly) who can answer members’ questions on how to get started.  Typical questions involve the proper approach towards measuring a specific customer interaction, how to best build the case for a CX program, etc.  It’s by no means a full-on consulting engagement, but does give you the chance to gain some outside perspective.  Just another great benefit for CXPA members.

In the words of the CXPA:

The CXPA has assembled an impressive group of CX Experts, proven professionals with experience at some of the most prestigeous companies in our industry. Our CX Experts have a minimum of ten years experience, a proven track record of success and are passionate about helping others.

We invite you to pose critical questions and receive quick, well thought-out responses.