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Reveals what customers will do
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Customer Journey Maps. Improving your customer experience starts here.

If you’ve been asking any of these questions, you’ve come to the right place.

      • Why am I losing customers?
      • How do I reduce support costs while improving customer engagement?
      • Where am I under-investing in my customer experience, and where am I over-investing?
      • How do I create an exceptional customer experience to become the preferred brand?

Our customized customer journey maps clearly show you how your customers experience your brand. We highlight their emotions throughout the journey – where you delight customers and where you frustrate them. We also highlight your Moments of Truth – those critical areas with long-lasting impact on customer loyalty.

“Heart of the Customer worked closely with us to build journey maps that we could use throughout the company. They worked with us every step of the way so that we had a clear plan on how to improve our members’ experience.”
– Director of Operations, National Non-Profit

We first work with you to determine the Moments that Matter for your customer experience – your most critical customer journeys. From there we engage your teams in a Hypothesis Workshop. During this hands-on interactive workshop, we use your team’s knowledge and the touch points they believe impact customer loyalty to create an initial journey map.

Next, we talk to your customers, using our proprietary qualitative methodologies to learn how your customers feel about doing business with you…the good, the bad and the ideal.

Now your Heart of the Customer Journey Map™ really begins to take shape, giving you a comprehensive, at-a-glance view of what works, what doesn’t, the emotions involved and how those emotions impact customer loyalty. We create our journey maps using your brand standards. Rather than simply using an off-the-shelf design, our maps are built around you.

Once the maps are created, we will bring your teams back together for an Ecosystem Mapping Workshop. These highly interactive workshops document the people, processes and systems that surround your customer journey, contributing to both high and low points. This will lead directly into Action Planning, where we identify key improvement opportunities and jumpstart your action plan—a clear, well-informed guide for continued customer loyalty.

Once your journey map and action plan are complete, your Heart of the Customer consultants work with you on implementing change, providing ongoing coaching to help you apply best practices for customer-focused change.

Learn more about customer journey mapping best practices.

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Learn more about how we work with you to create your customized journey map in our Journey Mapping Toolkit.