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Dunn Bros Coffee – the Non-Chain Chain

“Coffee houses are about neigh­bor­hoods,” Dunn Bros Coffee co-CEO Chris Eilers tells me while we drink light roasts and blues music plays overhead. Dunn Brothers is a popular Midwestern coffee chain with most of its locations in the Twin Cities. The company was started by Ed Dunn and now boasts 83 locations. Whereas Starbucks and […]

Experiment Your Way to Growth

  High-growth companies discover their opportunities differently. They certainly use strategic planning and analytics, as do most of their competitors. But at their core, they do something else. Babson Executive Education asked companies their top method to find revenue or cost savings opportunities, then compared that to their growth rates. Whereas low-growth companies tended to […]

Great Clips – Driving Organic Growth through Customer Focus

“At every level in the organization, if people don’t understand what’s going on face-to-face with the customer, it doesn’t matter what else you’re doing.” That’s the advice of Rhoda Olsen, CEO of Great Clips. It’s the same strategy that has driven 30 straight quarters of same-salon revenue growth. But it wasn’t always that way. Back […]

You No Longer Have Only One Brand

Actually, you probably never did.  But you certainly don’t now.  With the growth of the internet and its reviews, social media and blogs, you now have as many brands as you have customer-facing employees. The 18-year-old at your cash register, the retiree who greets your shoppers and the aggressive salesperson cold-calling prospects are your brand […]

Are you a Linchpin?

In 2009, Seth Godin wrote Linchpins, on the need to make a difference.  A group of us, motivated by his call to action, led efforts to bring him to town, and have continued to meet afterwards.  These monthly sessions focus on solving business problems – an organization brings in their challenges, and we break into […]