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It’s not Necessarily a Design Issue

I regularly receive emails that go something like this:  I have almost completed my organization’s journey map! Can you give me some design suggestions before I share it with my company? This request comes from a good place, a desire to educate the company about the customer’s journey, but after a few questions, it quickly falls […]

A Successful B2C Engagement Tactic Applied to B2B

I recently purchased a new phone, so of course, I need a new case. I’ve loved my Carved wooden phone case, so I ordered another, but this time they did something new. When my new case came, it included something special. In addition to sending the standard packing and instructions, Carved included a “trading card” with […]

Do you have what it takes to succeed at CX?

Have you taken a look at our latest whitepaper? Also accessible from the resources page, it details strategies and insights for ensuring that your next CX initiative is a successful one that will pay for itself with opportunities for profit and growth. Access it here: How to Select a CX Platform for Maximum Impact Interested in […]

CX Webinar Invitation, August 27th

Do your employees love your company? Jim Tincher joins Shiftonomics to break down the customers’ journey, and how strongly it is impacted by corporate culture and the effort the company puts into empowering its frontline teams. You’ll Learn How to hire people who care Keys to maintaining employee engagement How to map each customer’s journey […]

How Does a Plant Closure Help Customer Experience?

This is a guest post written by one of our very own Lead Consultants, Jean Fasching Recently, I ran across a Yahoo Finance post that announced the closure of a plant that produces high fructose corn syrup and industrial starch. In it, an executive mentioned that the closure would help improve Customer Experience commitments. It was a technical […]