Driving CX Culture Change

Driving Customer-Centric Culture Change

Customer experience is about more than simply offering great service. It’s about delighting your customers during every interaction with your brand. Driving customer-centric change within your organizational structure helps your business reach its full potential and sets you apart from your competitors.

Putting your customers at the core of your decision-making processes creates lasting customer value and loyalty, and increases profitability. Heart of the Customer shares change management best practices to help you drive customer-focused change to transform the way you do business.

#CXDay – A Tale of Two Company Celebrations

i-heart-customers-high-resHappy CX Day!  If you haven’t already planned out your CX Day, head on over to www.CXDay.org to learn all that the CXPA has planned for this celebration of those driving customer loyalty through an improved customer experience. Two Minnesota companies that are making a splash today are Wolters Kluwer and ShopHQ.  I asked their customer experience leaders about their plans, and am sharing them with you in hopes that it will give you some good ideas to use for next year. Read more

Are you building a culture of customer experience? Or a failed ignition switch?

There has been a lot to press about the General Motors failed ignition switch.  There are many lessons to be learned about quality and manufacturing. But the most important lesson is about culture.

Culture is your most powerful tool to create change. Exploiting your culture can drive significant improvements quickly. But culture can also stymy the best-laid plans. Witness Best Buy, which thrived in the 90s and early 2000s, driven by a culture of individual innovation. But this same culture also made it hard to react when the top competitors Circuit City and Ultimate Electronics went out of business, and the new challenge was from low-cost providers Amazon and Wal-Mart. Read more

Go analog to create customer empathy with a customer experience room

Customer Experience RoomThere’s no question about it – we live in a digital world. Checking our Facebook statuses, watching our videos, sending texts, our instincts are becoming digital.

Given that, it’s no surprise that many efforts at teaching about customers are also digital. Citrix created a digital customer room. YouTube channels are another common approach, as are intranets. Companies create all kinds of ways for employees to learn more about customers and their needs.

So why isn’t it working?  Why are companies still so disconnected from the needs of their customers? Read more

When loyalty programs go too far

Is it just me, or is it getting harder and harder to pay for items?

It seems that the rise of loyalty programs has extended the checkout process in all types of activities.  I used to swipe my card, choose the fuel type, and start filling my car.  Now I swipe my card, choose credit, enter in my zip code, say no to the car wash, no to the receipt, no to the loyalty program, then choose fuel type.

You can almost picture the business cases at the corporate headquarters.  “If we just add this one more prompt, we can add on an extra 10 cents of margin per transaction.”

Now don’t get me wrong. In a low-margin business like gas stations, adding 10 cents of margin is real money.  But since my local gas station subscribes to this “let’s add 5 questions to the transaction” approach, I find myself using the one a mile away more often – just to avoid the hassle. It’s not just gas stations. Blogs (not this one!) require answering 10 questions to get white papers and retailers add loyalty questions.  How much business is lost due to hassle factor?

Jimmy Fallon had a great send-up on CVS’s checkout in the following clip. Watch it, and check whether you’re playing the same game. Read more

“Don’t try to change your culture. Exploit it.”

With this statement, the CXPA Insights Exchange was off and running.

This was just one of ten customer experience lessons learned that at Oracle shared by Jeb Dasteel, their Senior Vice President and Chief Customer Officer. But it’s the one that resonated with members, and was repeated throughout the conference. As just one bullet point in a longer speech, it didn’t get the attention it deserved. I would have loved it if he spent his entire keynote on just this one point.

Culture is a central customer experience challenge. You can’t seriously change your customer experience without factoring in your culture. We take on customer experience roles because we want to change the company – we want everybody to be as passionate about our customers as we are. And so we set about to change the culture. But perhaps we should focus more on exploiting what we already have. Read more

Market Research + Analytics Leads to Healthcare Success

All too often, companies separate their market research from their business analytics.  It can be difficult to combine the two, but when it’s done the impact can be incredible.  Last October the book Win with Advanced Business Analytics was released, including a case study discussing my work with a client a few years ago:

Win with Advanced Business Analytics“Jim Tincher, a customer experience consultant and blogger, combined analytics with market research interviews to gain deep customer insights for his client, on of the nation’s largest health savings account banks.  This bank works with thousands of companies who offer these HSAs to their employees.  Jim notes, “Unfortunately, a review of the data showed that even when employers offered to contribute hundreds of dollars into the HSA, 1 out of 7 employees failed to open the account, forfeiting the money.  The first step was to conduct an analytics review.  We found no impact of demographics of the participant on this behavior.  The single factor that drove the issue was the participant’s employer.  Simply put, at some companies nearly everybody followed through to pen the HSA, but at others, there were thousands of employees who missed out on up to $1,000 of the employer’s money, all because they did not take the time to open the HSA.” Read more

Join Jim at the HOBY Cheers Dinner

I’ve mentioned HOBY in a few posts – it’s the youth leadership non-profit that I’m passionate about.  At HOBY we bring the top sophomores from 70 Minnesota high schools to a weekend leadership conference, expose them to thought leaders, and challenge them to change their communities through giving at least 100 hours of community service.

On February 23 we will host our annual Cheers Dinner where we recognize those who truly go above and beyond.  It’s one of the highlights of the year – and this year I’ve been asked to give the keynote speech.  If you’re in Minnesota, please consider joining me at this wonderful event.  Details are below:

HOBY Minnesota Cheers! Dinner 2013: Share an Inspiration!


Please join us at the Fourth Annual HOBY Cheers! Dinner to recognize and celebrate OUTSTANDING youth leadership and spirit in our communities.

  • When:  Saturday, April 6, 2013, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
  • Where:  Bethel University Underground

The Cheers! Dinner honors HOBY Youth Ambassadors who have achieved OUTSTANDING service in their communities, as well as recognizing inspiring individuals demonstrating commitment to youth and community development.

Dinner and event program are included with paid registrations!  Purchase tickets here.  I hope to see you there!