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Easy Listening…and CX Learning

Jim Tincher Jim Tincher 03/10/2022

I love to break up my day by getting outside for a nice, long walk. And with a hint of spring in the air, those of us in northern climes will soon be able to do that more comfortably, more often.

In addition to warmer weather, this spring may also usher in a host of workplace reopenings, as pandemic restrictions ease across the country. For many, that means the return of the office commute.

In other words, it’s a great time to cue up some podcasts!

Here are a few suggestions for your queue:

Flourish CX

I recently appeared on Alon Waks’ Flourish CX podcast to talk about changing customer expectations and change management in B2C and B2B companies. I share tactics from successful organizations that are intentional about change management and shine a light on who is best suited to take your organization in a new direction.

Doing CX Right

I also had a great conversation recently with Stacy Sherman on the Doing CX Right podcast. We explored the best ways to motivate and build loyalty in employees, right and wrong ways to do customer journey mapping, and other ways to differentiate your brand.

Stop the Noise

On the latest episode of the Stop the Noise podcast, Susan Tatum and I talked about the characteristics of a loyal customer, effective ways to gather customer feedback, and the importance of talking to your customers.

Page Turners

For those of you who prefer reading over listening during your commute, I recommend checking out Colin Shaw’s None of Us Are as Clever as All of Us for suggestions. (I was honored to have my work included in a recent emotion-themed edition.)

How Hard Is It to Be Your Customer? also made it onto Qualtrics’ list of 10 Books Every CX Leader Should Read in 2022, where you’ll find more great ideas for edifying reading material!


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