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Reduct: A Great Tool for Sharing Your Customers’ Videos

Jim Tincher Jim Tincher 08/15/2019
Reduct.Video Video Interview Screenshot

I wrote last week about the importance of video in sharing your customers’ experience (Video Interviews=CX Impact).

A major limitation of working with video is the task of managing all of that content. Historically, our process for working with video involved:

1. Recording a video while interviewing (our client’s) customers.

2. Turning the video into an audio, for faster upload.

3. Sending the audio to a transcriptionist. We would pay extra to have time stamps added every three minutes.

4. Importing the transcript into our analysis system. Then, reading the transcript and highlighting important quotes.

5. Loading the video into a video editor.

6. Looking at the transcript to find the approximate time. Then, watching the video to find the right segment and cutting out the rest. Finally, we would save the new video file.

This last step would take 10-20 minutes for each video, as we would have to find the right video file, use the time stamp to get close, then try to match up the video with the transcript. Then, we’d have to cut out just that section of the video and save the new video content. Video pulling is one of our last steps and is a bit of a tedious process. We may also have twenty or more videos to get done, which put a lot of stress on the team.

Where does Reduct Fit In?

A few months ago, we were introduced to Reduct.Video. It seemed too good to be true! We now upload our videos to them, and they create the transcripts. Their software allows us to view the transcript online, highlight the relevant text, and it immediately creates a new video from the highlighted text.

via Reduct.Video

So, with Reduct, our new process is:

1. Record a video while interviewing (our client’s) customers.

2. Upload the video.

3. Import the transcript into our analysis system. Then, we read the transcript and highlight important quotes.

4. Load Reduct’s software, search for the phrase, select the text and then save the video.

This last step is now only about 3-4 minutes. We can even search for a phrase, such as “Jeremy was wonderful,” and it will search through all the transcripts in the project to find just that quote. Video is now so much easier that we went a bit overboard in our last report, showing 31 videos!

In another example of the power of the tool, we were at an Action Workshop and our client asked for a new video. I texted our analyst Diane, and very quickly we had a new video we were able to incorporate into our report as it happened.

I’m not a shareholder in Reduct, just a customer. But a customer experience this good needs to be shared!

Be sure to check it out the next time you work with video. You’ll be glad you did.

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