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From Vision to Execution: Building Your CX Dream Team

At your company, a need has been identified to create a customer experience (CX) team. Whether it’s a specific change you are trying to make or a full cultural transition for the company, you have your starting point right here. But in these key first months of your department’s existence, where can you focus your attention? What efforts are crucial to your success, and which are window dressing? Do you focus on “Customer Experience” or “Leader”? Most importantly, what do you need in order to prove your success.

A CX team that is created with an eye towards business value and an awareness of what is important to their company can see massive success and recognition. But if it were easy, everyone would have done it by now. So, we wanted to answer the question: What is different about how great CX teams are formed that can inform the rest of us as we build our strategy?

To answer this, we interviewed 33 North American CX leaders from companies with 500 to 50,000 employees. Some leaders were newer to their roles, and some were more experienced, but all had feedback to give on their journey.

Overwhelmingly, what we found is that successful CX teams have two major tendencies: they prioritize their business connections, and they organize their team for success. In this white paper, we will walk you through how to begin building your team and how to move forward with a keen eye for what will make your team shine.

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