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Stakeholder Resistance: Breaking Barriers to CX Buy-In

How quickly is your organization improving your customer experience? If your answer is, “Not nearly fast enough,” you’re in the same boat as most of your peers. That’s what we found in our comprehensive study of over 200 customer experience (CX) leaders. Most CX programs call for an improved experience, but the business isn’t listening. The key reason? No deliberate change management approach towards engaging stakeholders.

In this white paper authored by Jim Tincher, Jean Fasching, and Shawn Phillips, we present a process to break down barriers in creating a company-wide approach to customer experience.

Using research from Do B2B Better: Drive Growth Through Game-Changing Customer Experience, we will show the challenges in the current state. Then, we will introduce Prosci’s AKDAR change management model. To conclude, we will show how to implement stakeholder management in your organization, outlining a helpful framework for mapping and engaging your stakeholders that you can implement directly in your customer experience program.

As a CX leader, your most important job is not to measure your customer experience, tell stories, or design new experiences. It is to change the experience to create more loyal customers. Doing so requires active support from across the organization, often needing multiple organizational silos to change to create that new experience. Yet, most CX leaders struggle to engage stakeholders and gain their support.

By focusing on the people side of change, you will accelerate your efforts to build a better customer experience that creates better outcomes for customers—and your company.


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