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May is (Journey) Mapping Month!

Jim Tincher Jim Tincher 04/25/2019
Customer Immersion Phase for Journey Mapping

How Hard Is It to Be Your Customer bookWe’re celebrating Mapping Month in a big way, and I hope you can join us. We’ll have events both in-person and online, to share the journey mapping best practices outlined in our book, How Hard Is It to Be Your Customer? Using Journey Mapping to Drive Customer-Focused Change.

Next week we’ll kick off the fun a bit early, as project managers Corey Pawlak and Cathy McLane join Nicole Newton and I in a series of posts showing how journey mapping differs from traditional market research. Topics include how to recruit your B2B customers, why a 10-page report is better than a 50-page one, and why to use videos in your interviews.


Coming Up

On May 2, we’ll host the first of our three webinars, “Customer Journey Mapping Success Series: The Untold Secrets” along with Andrea Krohnberg of the YMCA of the Greater Twin Cities. You can register for the webinar here.

On May 7, Andrea and I will reprise our webinar in an in-person event for folks in the Twin Cities. We’re speaking at the ANA conference, “Customer Experience @ Land O’Lakes.” You can learn more here.

Sometime in early May, we’re re-launching our website, including more helpful tools and Frequently Asked Questions. Check back frequently!

We’re making a big splash that the CXPA’s Insight Exchange on May 15-16. We’ll be releasing our book at the event, and if it’s your first time attending, you get a special opportunity. We’re sponsoring the First Time Attendee Mixer, and twenty attendees will win a free book! Also, I’m honored to be the event’s host again. Learn more about the Insight Exchange here.

(It’s not journey mapping related, but my son gets married on Sunday, May 19, which is even cooler than a journey map!)

On May 21, we have our second webinar – “Customer Journey Mapping Success Series: The Five Questions to Ask (and Answer) to Ensure You Drive Customer-Focused Change.” You can learn more and register here.

May 23rd is the in-person book launch in the Twin Cities, including some of our good friends. Andrea’s back (yes, again!), along with Lori Laflin of Cargill and Darin Byrne of Wolters Kluwer. You can register here. Or, if you can’t wait, you can pre-order the book now.

Our third journey mapping webinar will be co-hosted with Medallia, “Customer Journey Mapping Success Series: Using Journey Mapping to Kickstart Your CX Program.” You can learn more and register here.

And lest you think that, after all that, it’s time to relax, we’re extending hosting our first public Journey Mapping class on May 42nd and 43rd (most call that June 11th and 12th). It will be at the Mall of America, a cool experience if there ever was one! Learn more here, but don’t delay, as early bird pricing ends May 20th.

Please, feel free to join us for one or all the events. WE look forward to chatting about all things journey mapping!

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Stay updated with our insights.

Stay updated with our insights.