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Why You Should Know How to Journey Map

Ben London Ben London 12/20/2019
Journey Mapping Workshop Dallas

To prepare for our upcoming Customer Journey Mapping Workshop in February in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, I spoke to past workshop participants and now certified journey mappers to reflect on their most important learnings, now that they are six months in. Here is what they said:

The ability to see our business from the patient perspective

Patient experience advisor in a healthcare system

A patient experience advisor shared previous challenges helping her organization translate learnings about customers into the right actions. “We’ve never had a formal framework to continuously go back and see if the problems identified by patients were being addressed and if needs are being met by our solutions. We were stuck in a reactive find and fix mode!

After taking the workshop, she appreciates how valuable it is to map out all the customer steps, many of which the business didn’t realize were happening. “Mapping customer journeys engaged people and was eye opening for us, and we have a quite a bit of traction. The process highlighted the emotional impact to patients, and in healthcare that is what drove many of us to get involved in the first place.”

The confidence to collect feedback directly from customers

Customer experience manager at a fleet management services company

This customer experience manager learned that mapping a customer journey means talking with customers. “Without customer input you’ve only created a hypothesis map. We’ve started educating the business on CX related methodologies, including this important learning of engaging customers directly.”

She applies the tips learned on practical methods to collect feedback directly from customers, including what phrasing to use during interviews and how to make customers comfortable being recorded. “The recordings ensure feedback is captured accurately and enable us to go back and listen to interviews again.”

The public workshop with Heart of the Customer gave her more than process knowledge. “It created a cornerstone to understand CX and customer journey mapping, as well as the words and framework to begin socializing it and using it within my own organization.”

An understanding of the critical steps to prepare for a mapping initiative

Customer journey and engagement manager at a consumer electronics company

This customer journey and engagement manger inherited a mapping initiative right after accepting the position. The initiative wasn’t focused on advancing a top priority for the organization, so the c-suite quickly lost interest and diverted funding to more urgent priorities.

Luckily mapping is back on the roadmap for 2020. This time around he can take the time to clearly define the core business opportunity and ensure customer journey mapping solves for something that truly matters to decision makers. With his new learnings under his belt, he is prepared to ask the right questions upfront to ensure a successful 2020 journey map initiative.

Ready to become a Certified Journey Mapper?

Speaking with these CX practitioners reminded me that customer journey mapping isn’t easy, but within a short of amount of time you can understand how to lead your initiative and begin creating value with a truly outside-in view of the customer journey you seek to improve!

Join us in February – I can’t wait to help more CX-passionate professionals.


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